Experience the Exceptional Heat of Nature with Our Top-Quality Hardwood Briquettes

  • Direct from the Manufacturer

    Each Oko briquette is made from the finest hardwood sawdust and shavings from our high quality furniture manufacturing process. Species used include; oak, beech, ash and maple, along with exotic varieties like cherry, walnut, and sapele.

  • Hardwood Briquettes Burn for Longer

    Settle in for an evening of uninterrupted warmth. Oko briquettes outperform traditional logs by providing longer burn times and higher heat output. They are the epitome of efficiency, ensuring your living space remains cosy, making them a smart choice for your wallet and your well-being.

  • Oko Briquettes are Eco Friendly

    Sustainability is our priority. Our Oko briquettes are produced from wood fresh from the sawmill, free from any additives, coatings, or adhesives. This means when you light up our briquette, you're embracing an eco-friendly choice that respects the environment and your health.

  • Pure and Natural

    With no hidden chemicals or glues, our briquettes are 100% kiln dried sawdust and guarantee a clean burn, keeping your home free from unpleasant odours and residues.

  • Oko Briquettes are Versatile

    Experience the convenience and versatility of sawdust briquettes. These compact and efficient fuel sources are perfect for pizza ovens, log burners, campfires and even woodfired hot tubs and saunas!

  • Higher Heat Output

    Oko hardwood briquettes excel in delivering a high heat output, ensuring an efficient and powerful source of warmth. The carefully formulated design maximises burning intensity making them an ideal choice for those seeking substantial heat form their fuel source. Whether for heating or cooking, these briquettes provide an impressive and reliable level of heat to meet your needs.