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Oko Briquettes

Oko Briquettes

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Get Cosy with our Eco-Friendly Sawdust Briquettes!

Say goodbye to expensive firewood and hello to our sawdust briquettes! Made from 100% natural hardwood sawdust, these briquettes will keep you warm and toasty without costing you the Earth. Perfect for your fireplace, wood-burning stove, or even your outdoor fire pit!

Why Choose Our Briquettes?

🌱♻️ Eco-Warrior Approved: These briquettes are made from recycled wood waste, so you can feel good about saving the planet whilst enjoying a crackling fire. Go green and keep deforestation at bay!

🔥 Heat for Days: Our briquettes are compressed to maximize burn time. You'll get more heat per briquette than regular firewood, meaning you can cosy up for longer without regularly adding more logs. 

🔧 Versatile: Whether you're roasting marshmallows on a camping trip or turning your backyard into a cosy oasis, our sawdust briquettes are the perfect fire companion. They're versatile, dependable, and ready to heat things up wherever you are!

🚫 No Mess, No Stress: Tired of dealing with ash and smoke? We've got you covered! Our briquettes produce minimal ash and smoke, leaving you with a clean and hassle-free fire experience.

- Dimensions: Each briquette is about 150mm x 95mm x 65mm 
- Dimensions: Each box is 330mm x 220 mm x 180 mm
- Weight: Each briquette weighs around 900grams 
- Material: 100% natural hardwood sawdust
- Packaging: They come in a sturdy box for easy storage.
- Both the box and paper tape are 100% recyclable. 

Note: Since these briquettes are made from natural materials, they might have slight variations in appearance and size. But don't worry, the quality and performance are always top-notch!

Ready to Burn Certificate No: WS5906/00001

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